Reliance Launches New Smart Jio Glass In India, Know About Features

Reliance Launches New Smart Jio Glass In India, Know About Features

Latest Trending Technology News Jio Glass  - Launch Date & Price Review 

Jio Glass can be really a new Mixed Truth alternative showcased by Reliance Industries Limited (RIL) throughout its 43rd Annual General Meeting [AGM]. It is presently among the most state-of-the-art launches by the telecom giant. They demonstrated how this will help schools and companies with meetings and classes respectively. However, they did not explain how it operates out.

With the help of this Jio Glass, the end-users are going to have the ability to create a more 3D virtual room where the others may combine and also conduct a class or a meeting. Using these 3D virtual rooms, the users are going to soon be able to use holographic pictures of self, display charts, as well as other shows.

Jio Glass Price Review In India (Expected)

Most speculations are moving around regarding the expense of Jio Glass In India, however, nothing is nevertheless confirmed from #Reliance Jio. If rumors are to be believed it will likely be breaking somewhere next to the price of Apple iPhone's AirPods.

✔ Jio Glass Price Expected - Rs. 14,000

Jio Glass Launch Date In India (Expected)

The latest Reliance AGM made us the unveiling of Jio Glass, a mixed reality discussion wearable. This meeting only theorized the apparatus will likely soon be so on available for the public, but according to sources, the Jio Glass will launch somewhere around the next month in India.

✔Jio Glass Launch Date Expected - August 2020

Jio Glass - Specifications

Jio Glass has a camera lens at the center front for visuals. It is backed by audio batteries and hardware on the sides. A USB cable is always to be utilized to join with the glass to your smart-phone for online connectivity. Most importantly, Jio Glass may acquire wireless connectivity a few months as a result of its launch.

✔Weight - 75 grams
✔Speed - 5G
✔Interaction Type - 2D And 3D Holographic
✔Glass Make Type - Ergonomic

Jio Glass - Features

Jio Glass is very small but has a lot of power-packed qualities which can make you surprised. It is nothing to enjoy the traditional VR apparatus and so adds significantly more than just simulation. 

Mixed Reality Technology

Mixed Reality Technology

Jio Glass joins augmented reality (AR) and digital reality (VR) inside this device to give you a whole new viewing experience known as mixed reality. This tech will help you make a holographic encircling. You will feel as reaching your friends, colleagues, or family members in-person.

3D Virtual Rooms

This function creates a virtual classroom that helps teachers and pupils to socialize only like they perform at the genuine class. So, students will undoubtedly be comfortable in learning lessons than at the current 2D video call environment.

Inbuilt - Apps

Jio Glass comes with 25 pre-installed programs. These programs are related to video conferencing along with personalization. Jio additionally invited app developers to construct Jio Glass programs.

5G Speed - Technology

Jio will be launching the Jio Glass using 5G Technologies therefore that movies are streamed at a premium quality with no lag or streaming.

Digital Meetings

This feature allows employees to have digital meetings at an identical office environment. They can even draw graphs, provide presentations, discuss files, plus much longer in a meeting.

HD - Video Call

This really is the fundamental quality of Jio Glass that allows you to video conversation using 2D & 3D avatars in full-HD. You merely ought to allow a voice control plus Jio Glass will mechanically connect your call. ".

Audio In Glass

The Jio Glass comes with audio hardware onto its own frame sides which is useful in distributing and receiving sound. You don't need to carry an earphone for sound functions.

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